Community Projects

The Grimsby Garden Club is involved in our community.  Here are a few of the projects.

The Elm Street Parking Lot

Elm Street bed activities will begin in the spring and we always welcome volunteers to assist with trimming, tidying and weeding.  For anyone interested in joining us, we generally will meet weekly on Monday mornings, but also encourage solo activities for those who can’t make our usual time.  I’m happy to coordinate any and all volunteers at Elm Street!  We will continue to refresh and update the beds to reflect current gardening trends with our most recent efforts producing a small first year woodland garden planted to encourage all season bloom with plants that are native to our region.  Sure hope the new additions will survive and thrive and continue to encourage others to reduce their use of invasives and non-natives and to educate and encourage all to garden using native species.

Town Hanging Baskets - Sunday March 24th 1:00pm

Every year the town's hanging basket design is chosen by the Grimsby Garden Club and then the seedling plants are planted in the baskets at the end of March.  This is done at Trillium Hill Garden Centre who grow the pots until they are ready to grace Main Street.  Members are encouraged to come to this event on an afternoon at the end of March each year.

Childrens' Time

This past year, the Greenbelt Academy invited the Garden Club to lead the children in a garden day - in spring and then the fall.  Marilyn Cornwell led the children's activities including planting Snow Drops and Daffodils, making tiny bouquets of winter greens, and learning about sprouting vegetables indoors. 

 New Hospital Gardens

The new West Lincoln Memorial Hospital (WLMH) is the realization of  community aspirations to the modernization of local facilities to enhance and maintain their health and welfare. The Grimsby Garden Club, in participation with the WLMH and Elis Don, will contribute a community garden at the Hospital entrance site to complement the envisioned Memorial Walls dedicated to its donors and supporters.  The Grimsby Garden Club will create a horticultural oasis of pollinator friendly native plants to nurture and cebrate a vibrant, healthy environment for the community. Installation of the Garden will commence in the Spring of 2026 and represents the Grimsby Garden Club's living commitment of service and support to the community.