Grimsby Garden Club - June 2016 NewsFlash

Grimsby Garden Club News Flash
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We are here to help beautify Grimsby.  
Where We Meet
Our meetings are at the Livingston Activity Centre at 18 Livingston Ave. Grimsby ON.  We start at 7:00pm for social time. We'd appreciate it if you bring your mug.
Please consider visiting us for a meeting for free. Our membership fees are modest. Our membership chair is Ginny Thiessen and you will meet her at the Membership Desk at Monthly meetings.


Monday, June 27th  - The Flower Show

Our Flower and Photography Show is  Monday, June 27th.  Registration and entries  2:00pm - 5:00pm and open to the public  at 7:30pm with coffee, tea, and treats waiting for you. 

Find the Flower Show Schedule "here"

Find the Flower Show Guidelines "here"

Please consider entering something from your garden in the Horticulture division.  Materials and flowers in the Design division can be purchased.  And don't forget the Photography division.  

2016 Summer Trillium Program
This is nomination month and we're looking for your favourite front gardens to bel nominated for the Trillium Recognition Program.

Nominations take place from June 1st to June 30th.

Find out more about the Trillium Program on our website "here".

Download a nomination form "here".

Member Garden Tour & Lunch  July 23rd
Invite a friend and join us for a self-guided tour of four fabulous Trillium and Garden of the Month award winners.  Saturday, July 23, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.   $15.00 each.

Tickets are by advance sale only and include a BBQ lunch at our fifth award-winning lakeside garden, from 12:30 to 3:00.   This special member guest event will not be open to the public.

Please contact Beth Sommers at 905-945-1033 or email us at to purchase tickets.

Bee Houses for Sale $20.00
We've purchased a bulk order of solitary bee houses and they will be available for purchase at the June Flower Show and the Member BBQ.  Please consider supporting our environment!

It is Grimsby Trillium Time

We are pleased to introduce nominations as part of the Grimsby 2016 Summer Trilliums Program.  Gardeners who make our neighborhoods look beautiful deserve to be recognized.  That’s why the Grimsby Garden Club and the Town of Grimsby sponsor and run this event.  We want to celebrate Grimsby’s outstanding gardens.

Nominated property owners will be notified prior to the Trillium Committee assessing their curbside landscaping. A picture will be taken of each property.  Nominated property owners are invited to the Recognition Ceremony on  Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 7:00pm at Grimsby Town Hall, 160 Livingston Ave, Grimsby, ON L3M 4G3.

Nominations are accepted from June 1st until June 30th, 2016 and should be submitted to:  Grimsby Trilliums 2016, Reception Desk, Peach King Centre, 162 Livingston Avenue, Grimsby, ON L3M 4G3

Here is the planned timeline:
July 7th - 14th        Nominated Garden Judging
Julty 16th - 20th     Judging Panel Reviews
July 31st                Trilliums Awarded
August                   Trillium Awards Published in newspapers and website
September 14th      Recognition Celebration

Download a Nomination Form here:  

Here's an overview of the assessment criteria:
Gardens are nominated on the basis of their front landscaping, viewable from the street.  Nominated gardens are assessed using the following criteria: 
  1. Curb Appeal
  2. Landscape Maintenance
    1. Softscape
    2. Hardscape
    3. Flowers (annuals and perennials)
    4. Trees, evergreens and shrubs
    5. Property Maintenance
  3. Landscape Design
    1. Unity/harmony
    2. Balance
    3. Scale/proportion
    4. Rhythm/sequence
    5. Focal area
Volunteer judges visit all nominated gardens.  

Judging Criteria Detailed Description:
1.             Curb appeal
The judges check to see:
  • If the exterior looks inviting, welcoming and attractive
  • If the property creates a good first impression
  • If the property catches your attention immediately
Curb appeal can be accomplished a number of ways, such as:
  • exterior decorations
  • colour scheme
  • attention to landscaping
 2.             Softscape and hardscape
Softscape refers to the live elements including ornamental grasses, plants and shrubs. Judges will check to see if:
  • groundcover such as moss or ivy is well maintained
  • grass is mowed and edged, weed and disease free and without brown patches   (except in rural areas or when a water ban is in effect)
Hardscape refers to the ‘built’ environment including:
  • stones
  • rocks
  • pavers
  • artificial turf
  • structures
  • water elements
  • mulches
Judges will check to see if the built environment is weed free, clean and well kept
 3.             Annuals and perennials
Judges will check to see if annuals and perennials:
  • are well maintained
  • have healthy colour and foliage
  • have been dead headed
  • are part of a colour scheme
  • are the proper size in proportion to containers and planters
 4.   Trees, evergreens and shrubs
Judges will check to see if trees, evergreens and shrubs are:
  • pruned
  • shaped
  • maintained (deadwood, weak, diseased or damaged branches and stems have been removed)
 5.             Property maintenance
The judges will check to see if:
  • property is maintained
  • walkways, driveways, fences are in good condition and contribute to the appearance of the property
  • landscaping is maintained and free of litter and weeds
  • elements and structures compliment the landscape and are in working order
 6.             Landscape design principles
The judges check for:
  • Unity and harmony
    • unity is achieved by repeating objects or elements that are alike; there is repetition of shrubs or a colour scheme
  • Balance
    • can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical
  • Scale and proportion
    • scale refers to the size of an object in relation to the house and property
    • proportion refers to the size of parts of the design in relation to each other and to the design as a whole
  • Rhythm and sequence
    • smooth blending of different elements
    • garden is one unified scene
    • property has year-round appeal
  • Focal area
    • plants or structural elements that accent a given area
    • can be achieved using an entryway, front door or a certain location in the garden such as a pond, fountain, arbour, birdbath, pots, rockery or stairway
 7.             Landscape design elements
These are tools used to achieve principles of design:
  • Line:
  • this is eye movement or flow
  • can be achieved by bed arrangement or vertical changes in heights of plants, trees or shrubs
  • can be straight or curved and free flowing
    • Form:
      • individual plant growth or planting arrangement in a landscape such as upright, oval, columnar, spreading or weeping
    • Texture:
      • describes the surface quality of an object that can be seen or felt
      • can include buildings, walks, walls, ground covers and plants
      • can be fine, course, bold or medium
      • adds interest to the garden throughout the seasons
      • should be complex, personal and have a strong effect on the landscape
      • may include some flowers; however much of the colour should come from foliage
      • using green for continuity along with some colour variety in foliage adds interest
      • should direct attention to the landscape and compliment the house
      • consideration will be given to year round interest, not just to seasonal colour
      • adds interest

This is the summary of the judging criteria and points:
2016 Trillium Categories

If you have a question, please call Grimsby Garden Club President Beth Sommers at 905-945-1033 or email

Garden of the Month - June 2016

Driving by Dan-yelle and Alec Lozecki’s lovely home on 23 Nelles Road, we were struck by the colourful, eye-catching variety of trees and shrubs accented by spring perennials and annuals.  Outside of the black wrought-iron fence, peonies and hydrangeas surround a weeping fir tree.  Framing the front porch are a weeping Nootka and a Juniper standard topiary.  While in between, sand cherries, bright green and yellow evergreens with pitentilla azaleas, astilbes and quick starts add another dimension.  A lace-leaf Japanese maple and a standard blue spruce compliment astilbe and lily of the valley. Their front porch railing abounds with baskets filled with colourful pink and coral geraniums, impatiens, and white bacopa.  In order to make use of an old tree on the front lawn, they converted it into a table surrounded by benches with white stones….a comfortable spot to stop and admire the serenity of their garden. Their use of colour and texture are truly beautifully balanced throughout this lovely garden.