Grimsby Garden Club January 2015 Meeting Highlights

We have a new start time of 7:00pm to socialize over coffee and treats.  Thanks everyone who brought mugs to save the kitchen clean-up.

It is membership renewal month - $10 individual and $15 family - same great price!

We thank Bob Martin, our speaker, and a Niagara resident and grower.  He gave us a lot of tips and techniques of vegetable gardening in raised containers - what a wonderful way to spend a snowy winter's evening.  For anyone who wants to see the Martin Greenhouses, drive along the North Service Road towards Vineland and then turn left on Martin Road.

Thanks to Coles, Cosmic Orchids and Niagara College for donating plants for our raffle.  We really appreciate being able to raise funds this way so we can do more to beautify Grimsby!

Here are a few pictures of members.

Grimsby Garden Club - Mug Monday

Our meeting on Monday, January 26th 1015 starts at 7:00pm with social times.  We encourage you to bring your own mug to save clean-up time in the kitchen.

How about one of these?