Trillium Nominations Closed on June 24th

More than 130 front gardens have been nominated in the 2019 Summer Trillium Program.  This is an increase over last year and we thank you for your nominations and interest in our community's front gardens. 

Have you been nominated?  You will receive a letter if you have been nominated.  Look for it before July 1st.  You can call our chair Branka Radisic to find out - 289-235-9799. 

Judging with take place from July 4th to July 11th. 

Do you have a question about the Trillium Program?  Would you like to know the assessment criteria?  People typically ask what kinds of gardens are in scope, can the judges walk on the front garden property, what is considered the front garden, and how do judges handle different sized properties. 

Check out our website's Trillium Program information and Frequently Asked Questions HERE.   

We're coming to the end of Trillium Nominations

 They close June 24th

Nominate a special garden - especially if it is your own!