September 28 2015 Flower Show Highlights


Horticulture Awards

Gillespie Award for the Highest Aggregate points Section A Garden Flowers:  Gillian Wood

Tawsky Award for the Highest Aggregate points Section B Collections:  Gillian Wood

Fleming Award for the Highest Aggregate points Section C  Vegetables:  Gillian Wood

Tomlinson Award for the Best in Show, Division I Horticulture :  Jackie Iovio

Design Awards

Cole's Florist Awards for Best in Show, Design Division:  Sue Gemmill

Holdsworth Awards for Highest Aggregate points Design Division:  Sue Gemmill

Photography Awards

Best in Show Photography:  Ernie Yemm

Most Points in Photography:  Lynn Riding and Sandra Yemm

Thanks to our sponsors:

Grimsby Downtown Improvement Association

Cole's Florist and Garden Centre

Here are some picture highlights of the  Show

Our Flower Show - What the Judges Look For

Hi everyone,
There are resources on the Gardenontario (Ontario Horticultural Association) website that will be very useful for this Monday, September 28th Flower and Photography Show.

Here's a link to the resources and then a reproduction of the brochure to read.

Trillium Recognition 2015

The Grimsby Trillium program is an initiative shared by the Grimsby Garden Club and the Town of Grimsby.  It promotes community pride by recognizing residents who, by landscaping and maintaining their property, contribute to a more attractive neighbourhood and community. 

Volunteer judges review each property in the town using specific criteria.  All properties in the Town of Grimsby are reviewed and considered for the Trillium Awards.  This includes residential and non-residential properties. 

The Trilliums were awarded in a ceremony at Town Hall on Wednesday, September 16th, 7:30pm.  Mayor Bob Bentley presented each winner with their Trillium stake.  There were approximately 60 recipients this year.  We  congratulate you on your contribution to beautifying Grimsby.  We thank our volunteers who contributed their time and energy to judging.

If you want to see all of the recipient gardens, then go to our website 

or directly to these links - the presentation is divided into three parts.

Trilliums 2015 

Area  #            Street
1        6            Bal Harbour
1        60          Conrad Place
1        29          Samuel Rd
2        5            Birchpark
2        4            Inglewood Crt     
2        6            Sophie Crt
3        18          Stonegate Drive
4        418        Elizabeth
4        54          Lakeview Ave 
4        16          Rodney
5        9            Forest Rd
5        39          Kerman Ave
5        13          Viking Drive
6        9            Cedar Glen
7        204        Livingston Ave
7        2            Tulip St
7        16          Tulip St
8        4            Garden Dr
8        209        Livingston Ave
8        60          Sumac Crt
9        6            Kerman Ave
9        17          Kerman Ave
9        36          St Andrews Ave
10      5            Ivan Ave
10      129        Main St E
10      19          Nelles Rd N
11      137        Central Ave
11      6            Sunnylea Cres 
11      18          Wentworth Drive
11      30          Wentworth Drive
12      9            Mary Drive, Unit 2
12      113        Peach Tree Lane
12      15          Vandenburg Street
13      94          Park Road
13      82          Terrace Drive
13      42          Vinifera
14      17          Bell Ave
14      76          Griffith Dr
14      23          McNab Dr
15      12          Kennedy
15      8            Melrose
15      43          Robinson St S
16      422        ElmTree Rd E
16      494        Ridge Rd E
16      116        Russ Rd N
17      358        Mud St W
17      376        Mud St W
17      100        Ridge Rd W
18      541        Winston Rd
NR      17          Main St E
NR      147        Main St E
NR      169        Main St E
NR      275        Main St E
NR      115        S Service Rd W
NR      241        S Service Rd W

Grimsby Garden Club Flower and Photography Show Coming September 28th

A Cornucopia of Colour

Grimsby Garden Club Flower Show
Grimsby  Senior Citizens Centre

Monday September 28, 2015

Registration: 1:30 - 4:30 pm. Judging: 5:00 pm.
Open to the Public : 7:30 pm.

Open to all residents of the Town of Grimsby 
and Ontario Horticultural Societies members.

 Gillespie Award         Highest aggregate points Section A Garden Flowers           
 Tausky Award         Highest aggregate points Section B Collections
 Fleming Award         Highest aggregate points Section C Vegetables
 Tomlinson Award        Best in Show, Division I  Horticulture             

 Cole’s Florist Award   Best in Show, Design Division
 Holdsworth Award     Highest aggregate points in Design Division                                    

 Best in Show        Photography
 Most Points        Photography            
No containers will be provided.
All entries in place by 4:30 pm. Monday September 28, 2015

All decisions about entries in Divisions I to II will be based on 
Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards for Horticulture & Floral Design, 2003.


                                                      SECTION A - GARDEN FLOWERS

Class   1 - Canna - 1 stem
Class   2 - Chrysanthemum - garden type - 1 spray
Class   3 - Dahlia - 1 bloom
Class   4 - Echinacea - 1 stem                                                                       
Class   5 - Geranium (cranesbills) 3 blooms, 1 cultivar 
Class   6 - Gladiola - 1 spike 
Class   7 - Hosta foliage - 3 stems, different cultivars                                                        
Class   8 - Hydrangea - 1 bloom 
Class   9 - Marigold - 3 blooms, 1 cultivar
Class 10 - Pelargonium (annual geranium) with own foliage - 1 stem
Class 11 - Petunia - 3 stems, 1 cultivar
Class 12 - Rose - 1 stem
Class 13 - Rudbeckia - 3 stems, 1 cultivar
Class 14 - Sedum - 1 stem 
Class 15 - Sunflower - 1 stem
Class 16 - Any other perennial - 1 bloom, stem or spray 
Class 17 - Any other annual - 1 bloom, stem or spray

                                    SECTION B - COLLECTIONS

Class 18 - Dahlia - 3-5 stems
Class 19 - Fall Foliage - 3-7 different stems
Class 20 - Gourds - 5 different
Class 21 - Hydrangea - 3-5 stems

                                     SECTION C - VEGETABLES / FRUIT
               To be displayed on white paper plate provided by the Grimsby Garden Club

Class 22 -  Tomatoes - 3 specimens - stem on
Class 23 -  Tomato - heaviest - 1
Class 24 -  Squash Winter - 1 
Class 25 -  Peppers  Hot - 3 fruit
Class-26 - Most unusual vegetable 

Cornucopia of Colour

Class 30 - 'Glorious Golds(Novice Class) - a class open to exhibitors who have not won a ‘first’ in    
                  the design division of the Grimsby Garden Club Flower Show in the past 5 years.
Class 31 - ‘For the Birds'- a design incorporating seed heads and or flowers that would attract birds                     
Class 32 - ‘Radiant Reds' - small design
                         5 ½ to 10 inches in any dimension including container and accessories.                              
Class 33 - ‘Changing Seasons' - a design
Class 34 - 'Garden Harvest' - a design incorporating fruit and/or vegetables in a basket

                                                        DIVISION III - PHOTOGRAPHY
Class 40  'Autumn Details' - close-up showcasing autumn flowers, plants, colour, texture, etc.
Class 41  ‘Autumn Harvest' - vegetables, fruit, crops in the autumn setting (e.g. autumn colours)
Class 42  ‘A Pathway in Colour’ - a path or roadway featuring our glorious fall colours 
Class 43  ‘Nature's Bounty' - your interpretation  
Class 44 ‘Let's Smell the Roses' - close-up of a rose or roses 
Class 45  ‘The Recycled Garden - a repurposed item incorporated in the garden 
Class 46  ‘Small Wonders' - a child, pet, or small animal in a garden setting
Class 47  'Caught in the Rain' - flower, leaf, garden vegetable or plant after a rain shower
Class 48  'As You Like It' - a favourite garden image


1.     Exhibitors may enter any number of classes, and may place TWO entries of different 
cultivar/variety/species in any class.
2.     Entries should be named whenever possible.
3.     Where a definite number of stems or plants is indicated in the schedule, neither more 
nor less will be accepted.
4.     No containers will be provided
5.     Classes 1 to 26 - must have been grown by the exhibitor.
6.     Show Committee may subdivide classes when the number of entries warrant.
7.     All entries must remain for the duration of the show.


1.     Depending on Class and size of entry, the Convenor will decide the position of each entry.
2.     Exhibitors may enter any number of classes, but may submit only ONE entry in each design class.
3.     Each exhibit must be the work of the exhibitor.
4.     Fresh plant material must be used in all designs and may come from any source.
5.     Fruit, branches, decorative wood and dried or treated material may be included, unless otherwise stated.  
6.     No artificial plant material is permitted.
7.     Accessories are permitted for the interpretation of any design.  
8.     A front-view design is intended unless otherwise indicated.
9.     All entries will be displayed on pale grey tablecloths.
10.  Entries must remain for the duration of the show.

  1. ONE enrty per class per exhibior is permitted and must incorporate some horticultural content. 
  2. Prints maybe in colour or black and white.
  3. Photos should have been taken by the exhibitor within the last 24 months.
  4. Actual prints (portion submitted on photogrphic paper) must be a minimum of 4"x4" and not exceed 4"x6".
  5. Prints must be mounted on a 5"x7" piece of white cardboard or paper.
  6. For purposes of adjudication, no distinction will be made between black and white and colour images.  
  7. For purposes of adjudication, no distinction will be made between images produced from digital or film origins. 
  8. Prints may not have been submitted to any previous GGC or District 9 photograhpic competions.
  9. Discretion is advised regarding the inclusion of people and pets in photographs submitted for adjudication. 
  10. Affix enrty tag to the bottom right corner of photo.                        
Information available from:
Beth Sommers             905-945-1033    
Ginny Thiessen            289-235-8584   
Marilyn Cornwell        905-309-0306