The 2020 Grimsby Garden Club Season Program

Grimsby Garden Club 

A little bit on our past events through the years.

RECAP ON 2023 

2023 Trillium Program

Best Garden of 2023

6 Sunnylea Crescent



A special thank you to all the gardeners for their tireless efforts in creating and maintaining these beautiful gardens for everyone to view and enjoy. 


Each garden represents the owners style and vision for their personal space. Each one unique and wonderful in their own way. 

The use of trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials, the flow of paths and beds, all have created a special space.


Thank you to the residents of Grimsby who voted and took the time to visit the gardens. 

Our thanks also goes to all our sponsors for their ongoing support.


As a garden club our aim is to beautify Grimsby and to bring its many wonderful gardens to the public to appreciate.


The results of our public vote!

First Place          6 Sunnylea Cres


Second Place    42 Maple Ave


Third Place        14 Bell Ave


Fourth Place      31 Golf Woods Dr


Fifth Place        243 Main Street East 

Trillium Recipients Announced - August 8th 2023 
Grimsby Garden Club has announced its 2023 Trillium Award winners. The annual garden recognition program, co-sponsored by the Town of Grimsby, recognizes Grimsby's most beautiful front gardens, viewable from the street. All recipients are based on nominations from the community. 

Vote in the Top Five Gardens contest 

August 11 - 19 at the Peach King Centre or 

online HERE


14 Bell Ave

31 Golf Woods Dr

243 Main St E

42 Maple Ave

6 Sunnylea Cres


33 Aspen

12 Baker Rd S

23 Burgess Dr

18 Cedar St, Unit 12

10 Chardonnay Place

36 Chardonnay Place

60 Conrad Place

98 Dorchester Dr

24 Driftwood Court

60 Driftwood Court

39 Elm Tree Rd W

29 Garden Dr

32 Governors Rd

7 Highland Dr

12 Hillview

65 Hickory Cres

19 Lake St #16

204 Livingstone Ave

9 Mary Dr, Unit 2

24 Maple Ave

7 Nelles Rd S

18 Parkwood

6 Peachwood Place

142 Peach Tree Lane

271 Ridge Rd

5 Sunnylea Cres

6 Sophie Court

87 Terrace Dr

91 Terrace Dr

94 Terrace Dr

23 Whittaker Ave

472 Woolverton Rd


295 Hunter St

20 John St

398 Maple Ave


Do you want to see all these beautiful gardens?  

Click on this google map link HERE to see them.

Vote in the Top Five Gardens contest 

August 11 - 19 at the Peach King Centre or 

online HERE

Here are the Top Five Gardens

A Successful 

2023 Plant Sale!

Thank you donors, volunteers and purchasers!

Some of our Trillium Hill Potting the Town Baskets highlights

Highlights 2022

National Tree Day - Tree Sale - September 22

The Grimsby Garden Club was pleased to partner with the Town Of Grimsby; Field2Home and Earthgen 

Our August 29, 6pm, Trillium Hill Greenhouses Tour & Social Meeting

Trillium Hill is located at 471 Main Street West, Grimsby. There will be wine and cheese. This is a free member event. RSVP is not needed. Come and enjoy yourself.

The 2022 Trilliums will be announced August 

Grimsby Garden Club and the Town of Grimsby
2022 Summer Trilliums Program

Gardeners who make our neighborhoods look beautiful deserve to be recognized.  That’s why the Grimsby Garden Club and the Town of Grimsby sponsor and run this event.  We recognize and celebrate Grimsby’s outstanding gardens. 

Key Dates:

  • Nominations Accepted: Jun 1 - 30
  • Judging of Nominated Residential Gardens: Jul 17 - 24
  • Winning Garden Owners Notified: Aug 2 - 6
  • Publication of Winning Gardens: mid Aug

Our Garden Tour was July 16 2022

EarthDay Tree PICKUP was Saturday May 6th

AGM November 29 2021 Update

Review of past year accomplishments by Stephen Hargrave:
  • Membership remains strong. Welcome to our new members. Reminder to renew membership for 2022.

  • Thank you to Liza Fuller, Plant Sale Chair, and Marilyn Cornwell and all the volunteers, for outstanding plant sales in 2021. 

    We had another successful Trillium program this past year. Thank you to Sue Rigato, Trillium chair, and all the volunteer judges. 

    In conjunction with the Town of Grimsby, we created a new garden in front of Town Hall, called the Hope Garden, which we hope to expand each year. We beautified Grimsby, thanks to our Civic Chairs, Karen Gough and Jay Du Boisson, with planters, hanging baskets and the Elm Street garden beds. Thanks to all the volunteers for their help to maintain these public gardens. The Town Hall Christmas tree is back this year, more beautiful than ever, thanks to Roberta Blackie and Lauren Doig, who also created the Fantasy of Trees entry.

  • Next year, we will have the 2022 Garden Tour, Chaired by Deena Errampalli.

November 5 2021 Update

We just completed a very successful plant sale raising almost $500 for Grimsby Benevolent Fund.  Stephen Hargrave and Joe Fisher repotted the patio plants at Malivoire's, and there were incredible deals available.  We sent out the offer via our newsletter, and via Facebook and Instagram.  Thanks to all of you who took home a beautiful house plant, and supported our local charities.

The Townhall Christmas tree is going to look splendid this year with new decorations.  Everyone is invited to come out Wednesday November 24th at 1:00pm to decorate it.

Our AGM is coming up via Zoom on Monday, November 29th, 2021. See our 2022 Executive and Board.

We look forward to in person meetings - the Town has not opened the Livingston Activity Centre yet, so we'll keep you posted. 

Our Monthly Raffle continues in January 2022 - get your ticket to win a case of Malivoire wines. 

Trillium Recipients Announced - August 9th 2021 

Grimsby Garden Club has announced its 2021 Trillium Award winners.  The annual garden recognition program, co-sponsored by the Town of Grimsby, recognizes Grimsby’s most beautiful front gardens, viewable from the street. All recipients are based on nominations from the community.

Would you like to see where the recipient gardens are on the map?  Our Trillium Chair, Sue Rigato has plotted them on a google map so you can make a "garden route".  Thanks, Sue.

To see the map, click HERE. 
To see the Trillium recipient gardens click on the link to the presentation on Issu HERE.

Residential winners are:
6 Admiral Circle, 20 Admiral Circle, 33 Aspen Dr, 12 Baker Rd South, 6 Bal Harbour Dr, 14 Bell Ave, 9 & 11 Birchpark Dr, 31 Book Rd, #21, 23 Burgess Dr, 18 Cedar St Unit 12, 10 Chardonnay Place, 36 Chardonnay Place, 7 Chestnut Dr, 60 Conrad Place, 16 Deer Park Court, 260 Dorchester Dr, 264 Dorchester Dr, 6 Driftwood Court, 60 Driftwood Court, 28 Elderberry Ave, 41 Elderberry Ave, 34 Elgin St, 39 Elm Tree Rd West, 13 Fair Ave, 9 Forest Rd, 32 Garden Dr, 37 Garden Dr, 27 Golf Woods Dr, 31 Golf Woods Dr, 12 Heathcote Court, 23 Heathcote Court, 12 Hewitt Dr, 6 Highland Dr, 12 Hillview Dr, 14 Jacob's Landing, 20 John St - Niagara North Condo Assoc, 12 Kelson Ave N, 17 Kerman Ave, 55 Kerman Ave, Unit 29, 322 Lake St, 19 Lake St, #13, 19 Lake St, #14, 19 Lake St, #15, 19 Lake St, #16, 32 Lakeview Ave, 204 Livingston Ave, 209 Livingston Ave, 125 Main St E, 243 Main St E, 275 Main St E - Evergreen Terrace, 344 Main St E, Unit 2, 93 Main St W, 135 Main St W, 9 Mary Drive, #2, 78 Morrison Cres, 21 Nelles Blvd, 24 Nelles Blvd, 23 Nelles Rd N, 11 Nelles Rd S, 35 Orchard Parkway, 11 Parkwood Rd, 18 Parkwood Rd, 36 Parkwood Rd, 111 Peach Tree Lane, 113 Peach Tree Lane, 142 Peach Tree Lane, 14 Robinson St S, 6 Sophie Court, 36 St Andrews Ave, 5 Sunnylea Cres, 6 Sunnylea Cres, 18 Sycamore Cres, 21 Tamarack Court, 78 Terrace Dr, 82 Terrace Dr, 87 Terrace Dr, 91 Terrace Dr, 94 Terrace Dr, 13 Viking Dr, 26 Vintners Lane, 472 Woolverton Rd

Non Residential winners are:

295 Hunter Rd - John Deere, 88 Livingston Ave - Dr. Charles Daly and Associates Dental Care, 147 Main St E - Cole's Florist and Garden Centre, 272 Main St E - Grimsby Animal Hospital, 22 Main St W - Casa Toscana, 100 Main St W - Trinity United Church, 398 Maple Ave - Ed Sobkowich Greenhouses
Special Awards:

We are pleased to participate in our Town’s Carolinian Capital initiative.  This year’s Trillium recipient of the Most Inspiring Natural Garden goes to 20 Hillview Drive - Laurie & Bruce Mackenzie.
And a special Trillium for Garden Club Contribution goes to 6 Peachwood Place - John & Lynn VandenBroek.

We made a special call-out for small garden nominations and received well over 20.  Here are the small garden recipients:


31         Book Rd, #21         Sharon Stanshall

18         Cedar St #12          Mark Taliano

41         Elderberry Ave       Anna Krupicka

28         Elderberry Ave       Bob & Terry Attwood

13         Fair Ave                  Susan Pearce

19         Lake St #16            Elizabeth Fisk

19         Lake St, #13           Jerry Farrell & Pierrette Robillard Farrell

19         Lake St, #14           Kim & John Parrott

19         Lake St, #15      

344       Main St E, Unit 2    Lynn Faragher

9           Mary Drive, #2       Clint & Elaine Thompson

26         Vintners Lane         P. Rossi



To see the Trillium recipient gardens click on the link to the presentation on Issu HERE.

Check out the Judging Criteria in presentation format HERE

Our 51st Annual Plant Sale was a Success!

This year the Plant Sale was held outdoors at 472 Woolverton Road by appointment, following COVID protocols. There was a wide variety of annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, herbs, vegetables, and even Native / Carolinian trees.  Our donations from wholesalers and retailers was substantially larger than last year's.

We had visitors from Hamilton Horticultural Society and Niagara-on-the-Lake Garden Club who provided wonderful feedback on our plant variety and knowledge about the plants. Three cheers for our amazing team of volunteers. 

A special THANK YOU to those that donated plants. Without you and the amazing support from our local nurseries, we would not have had the success we did. Again... thank you.

We did have some plants left over including grasses, hostas and day lilies. Some of these will be donated to the YMCA and Elm Street gardens. As for the rest, you are welcome to take a country drive to 472 Woolverton Rd and if you see some leftover plants you'd like, help yourself and make a donation to the Grimsby Garden Club Plant Sale. You will see a cash box with the left over plants.

This year’s plant sale revenue exceeded fundraising goals and set a new record high for money raised. This puts the garden club on good footing to continue supporting town beautification projects, our monthly speaker series and student scholarships. 

A special thank you to our dig team Joe Fisher and Stephen Hargrave and to my co-chair Marilyn Cornwell.

Liza Fuller
Plant Sale Chair 2021

April 22 2021 Earth Day!

Ontariogreen Conservation Association and the Grimsby Garden Club would like to thank you for helping to increase biodiversity in our community through the purchase of Carolinian Native trees and shrubs.



Contactless pickup of orders will be:
Thursday, April 22nd 

From 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

At the Town of Grimsby Town Hall parking lot (back parking lot), 

160 Livingston Ave, Grimsby, On  


If that date /time doesn't work for pickup contact us to make other arrangements: 

Marilyn Cornwell at or Liza Fuller at


Find Your Spot

All the plants in your order will be grouped together in an assigned parking space and are in roughly alphabetical order by your last name. Your name will also be taped on the ground in front of the right parking space and your plants will be tree tagged with the first name initial along with your last name. (ie: L Fuller)


Various Grimsby Garden Club members will be in the parking lot area of the Town Hall should any questions arise.


Tree Planting and Care Brochure

Please note that spiral plastic tree guards are recommended for young trees to prevent them being chewed by rabbits, mice and voles. Please be especially careful with weed trimmers around your young trees.


If you have any questions, please contact Ontariogreen at


Share Your Tree Planting Photo

 The Grimsby Garden Club would love for you to share photos of your personal tree/shrub planting on their Facebook page. 


Thank You


Ontariogreen ( and the Grimsby Garden Club would like to thank the Town of Grimsby for their support of this year’s Earth Day event. 


We would also like to thank Earthgen Tree Nursery and Field 2 Home https://field2home for their support of this 1st Annual Earth Day Tree/Shrub sale.


Liz Benneian, Ontariogreen Conservation Association,

Marilyn Cornwell, Grimsby Garden Club, or Liza Fuller, Grimsby Garden Club,


April 15 2021
Grimsby Garden Club hosts Earth Day tree & shrub sale to support Grimsby’s natural heritage


Sale ends Sunday, April 18th 6:00pm

We're selling out so take action now!

Join the Grimsby residents who are bringing our natural heritage back to Grimsby with native trees and shrubs!

That’s why the Grimsby Garden Club and Ontariogreen, in partnership with the Town of Grimsby, is holding their First Annual Earth Day Carolinian Native Tree & Shrub Sale. 


The trees and shrubs for sale are native to our special Carolinian eco-zone. They are critical to our birds and their fledglings in the Spring and to our pollinators throughout the season. Bringing native trees to each home is a simple and critical step to keeping Grimsby’s natural heritage intact. Consider the vibrantly-coloured, spring-blooming Redbud, or the exotic-flavoured fruit of the Pawpaw.  


There will be more than a dozen species to choose from. A list of the trees and shrubs available, along with information about their features, size, soil requirements etc. is available here:  


Payment for your tree and shrub order can be made securely online through PayPal, Debit or Credit Card.


The trees and shrubs sizes available are: 1 gal pot size for $20; 3 gal pot size for $30 and rare deciduous varieties for $40 in a 3 gal pot size.


All the trees and shrubs orders can be picked up at the Town of Grimsby’s Town Hall parking lot (back parking lot) at 160 Livingston Ave, Grimsby, on Thursday, April 22nd between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Alternate arrangements can be made by calling Liza Fuller at 289-680-6087.


The Grimsby Garden Club and Ontariogreen would like to thank the Town of Grimsby; Earthgen Tree Nursery ( and Field 2 Home ( for their support of the Carolinian Native Tree/Shrub sale.



For more information, please contact Marilyn Cornwell at 

or Liza Fuller at

Do you have plants to donate from your garden for our 
Curbside Member Sale?