Grimsby Garden of the Month - July 2016

If you happen to be driving on Main Street, please slow down for 135 Main Street West to admire Brenda Mater’s striking garden. Notice the large white birch with white moon-like lights nestled in the surrounding pachysandra.  The armour stone rock garden flows along the property covered with geraniums, red lilies, mums, a variety of hosta, green and white iris and campanula. The bright pink impatiens, the orange lilies, and the purple dahlias look beautiful amidst the green and white hosta. Emerald cedars and grasses provide winter interest.  A purple sand cherry sets off a clump of red geranium and a tall red canna lily. Her little vignettes of red and textured greens make this a very appealing garden. Thank you for helping beautiful Grimsby.

Winning gardens are chosen based on our criteria for curb appeal, colour design, and maintenance.  

Wendy Frank and Beth Sommers