Grimsby Garden Club Monthly Meeting February 23 7:00pm - Bees in Peril

Our monthly meeting is coming up in just over a week.  We have a special guest and special topic.  George Scott on "Bees in Peril".  Here's George, and more about him from his website:

George has been a Niagara resident all his life and has run a series of successful 
environmental-focused businesses including chemical and soil remediation, 
irrigation systems, wind and solar generation, and most recently bee keeping.
With a degree from the University of Western Ontario in economics and a background 

in chemical product development, sales and global distribution, George has experience
in business development, global trade and contact negotiation, customs brokerage
and world wide sales strategy.

A registered beekeeper for more than 25 years, George is a passionate advocate for
beekeeping as a crucial component for Ontario’s agricultural success, now and in the future.
He is a member of the Niagara Beekeepers Association. In 2001, he founded the
Niagara Beeway, dedicated to the protection and preservation of Niagara’s honey bee
populations. George believes that the survival and health of the beekeeping industry is
pivotal and is totally aligned to the mandate and concerns of the OFA at many levels.

Here's more about the Niagara Beeway: