APRIL 5, 2021


Grimsby Garden Club hosts Earth Day tree & shrub sale to support Grimsby’s natural heritage


Spring is the perfect time to add trees and shrubs to your garden and this year, why not pick a tree that benefits everyone who spends time in your yard? Native plants support a range of native species from butterflies to birds and add interest for people, too. Gardeners don’t have to do a big conversion to a native landscape. Every added native plant helps, and trees help the most!  

That’s why the Grimsby Garden Club and Ontariogreen, in partnership with the Town of Grimsby, is holding their First Annual Earth Day Carolinian Native Tree & Shrub Sale. 


The trees and shrubs for sale are native to our special Carolinian eco-zone. They are critical to our birds and their fledglings in the Spring and to our pollinators throughout the season. Bringing native trees to each home is a simple and critical step to keeping Grimsby’s natural heritage intact. Consider the vibrantly-coloured, spring-blooming Redbud, or the exotic-flavoured fruit of the Pawpaw.  


There will be more than a dozen species to choose from. A list of the trees and shrubs available, along with information about their features, size, soil requirements etc. is available here:  


Payment for your tree and shrub order can be made securely online through PayPal, Debit or Credit Card.


The trees and shrubs sizes available are: 1 gal pot size for $20; 3 gal pot size for $30 and rare deciduous varieties for $40 in a 3 gal pot size.


All the trees and shrubs orders can be picked up at the Town of Grimsby’s Town Hall parking lot (back parking lot) at 160 Livingston Ave, Grimsby, on Thursday, April 22nd between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Alternate arrangements can be made by calling Liza Fuller at 289-680-6087.


The Grimsby Garden Club and Ontariogreen would like to thank the Town of Grimsby; Earthgen Tree Nursery ( and Field 2 Home ( for their support of the Carolinian Native Tree/Shrub sale.



For more information, please contact Marilyn Cornwell at 

or Liza Fuller at

News March 29th 2020

Join us on March 29th at 6:30pm/7pm
Plants in Jeopardy! 
hosted by Kevin Kavanagh

"I'll take Amazing Azaleas for $1000"

Answer: The botanical name of the genus for this spectacular flowering group of woody plants originates from the Greek words for 'Rose' and 'Tree'.

Question: What is a Rhododendron?
In this light hearted take on the popular game show, the audience will be given an answer and then have a few seconds to figure out the question. As host, Kevin will then provide follow-up information pertaining to the horticultural question at hand. An eclectic range of topics will be covered, including propagation and division of perennials, winter protection tips for broad-leaved evergreens, native plants beneficial to birds and pollinators, spring and autumn clean-up priorities and other tips to help maintain plant health in the garden. Time to get your [botanical] game on!

About Kevin Kavanagh:
Kevin is the owner of South Coast Gardens and Consulting, a small specialty nursery and landscape design business in the heart of Ontario's Carolinian zone. An avid gardener for much of his life, Kevin spent most of his early career in the field of nature conservation working for organizations such as The Nature Conservancy of Canada and World Wildlife Fund Canada. Kevin holds a B.Sc. from McGill University, a M.Sc. from York University and completed several years of post-graduate research in Botany at the University of Toronto. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Niagara Chapter of the Rhododendron Society of Canada and is a member of the Brantford Master Gardeners. 

Spring is here your email/facebook/instagram for pop-up plant sales....leading up to our 51st Annual Grimsby Garden Club Plant Sale on May 21st and 22nd.

Here's a sneak peak at the first offer coming soon: succulents in cute egg pots from Hendriks. Aren't they cute?

Looking ahead:

  • April 22 - Earth Day Tree Sale. 
  • April 26 - Monthly meeting. Speaker is Darren Heimbecker on 'Whistling Gardens'
  • May 21-22 - The Annual Plant Sale
  • Jun 2 - Landscape Design and other Trillium Criteria - a new presentation for members and the public
  • Please note: due to continuing covid-19 concerns, the Garden Tour will be postponed to 2022. 
Volunteer Opportunities: We have lots! Weeding, deliveries (letters, plants), stuffing envelopes, and more. Contact for more information
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